3rd CMI International Conference 2010

Green ICT - is ict part of the solution or of the preblem?

Environmental issues are becoming a part of the agenda in almost any kind of technology policy debate. ICT is often seen as the technical solution, which can help us avoiding the climate change as well as other environmental problems. At the same time production and use of ICT equipment is energy consuming and an increasing share of the energy consumption is related to ICT.

This conference will address technology as well as strategic and policy issue concerning the relationship between ICT development and the environment. The conference will focus on the role of ICT in more intelligent processes for production and consumption of energy. This includes:

· Direct effects: Consumption of energy and non-renewable resources in the ICT sector. How can hardware and software production and network architecture become greener.

· Enabling effects: How can ICT reduce energy consumption in other sectors: Video conferencing instead of travelling, home work place, intelligent traffic systems, smart buildings etc.

· Systemic effects: Green ICT as a model for innovation. How can green ICT change the way we live and work and result in reorganization of production and consumption

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