11th CMI International Conference, 2018: Prospects and challenges towards developing a Digital Economy within the EU



29th – 30th November, 2018


Aalborg University Copenhagen, Denmark
A.C.Meyers Vaenge 15
DK-2450 Copenhagen SV

About the Conference

In the EU, the creation of a digital economy and a Digital Single Market are seen as drivers of future innovation, competitiveness and growth. These ideas are enshrined in the EU 2020 strategy and are researched in a number of projects, including the Baltic SEA Regional project, Digital Innovation Network (DIGINNO). The project is aimed at promoting uptake of ICT in the business sector, developing innovative digital public services and facilitating Digital Single Market related policy discussions on Baltic Sea Region level.

In addition to the digitization initiatives within the Baltic Sea Region, different EU countries have embarked upon digitization policies, technology and market initiatives aimed at creating digital economies. These policies and initiatives are aimed at facilitating the uptake of ICTs and digital technologies in the business sector and the facilitation of digitized public service delivery. However, EU countries are not at par in the development of these policies, technologies, services, markets and other initiatives. This creates an opportunity for a forum where different EU countries can exchange ideas on digitization policy development and the facilitation of certain digitization initiatives.

This conference presents a forum for this opportunity. The conference is organized in partnership with the DIGINNO project. At this conference, the prospects and challenges towards digitization initiatives within the EU will be discussed. These prospects and challenges will be discussed within the policy, relevant technology, and infrastructure and market context. The conference will enable the identification of best practices and the sharing of ideas via paper presentation sessions. It will also enable brainstorming on these issues via panel sessions.

Participants will come from academia, businesses, digitization networks and government agencies. The participants of the conference will benefit from speakers and participants within and outside Europe.

Papers are therefore invited in the following (not exclusive) topics:

  • Real-Time Economy
  • Industry 4.0 and digital marketing
  • Privacy and cyber security
  • Digital identity management
  • Digital authentication
  • Block chain technologies
  • Digitization policies
  • Regional and national regulation and best practices
  • Digital economy
  • Business models
  • Digital market innovations
  • Public sector digital service delivery initiatives
  • Government to business cross-border services
  • Private sector digital service delivery initiatives
  • Digital transformation initiatives
  • Digital infrastructure

Prospective authors are invited to submit papers. Submissions of original, unpublished papers in any of the above listed topic or closely related topics are encouraged. All types of contributions are welcome, whether academic papers, industrial research, case studies, white papers, implementation reviews and so on.

Papers will be peer-reviewed and a selection will be published in a special edition of the Nordic Baltic Journal of ICT (Electronic publication, ISBN 1902-0988) (find information on NBICT here).

Full papers must be no more than 12 pages. Papers must be submitted in either .PDF, .DOC or .DOCX format. Submit abstracts and full papers to cmi@cmi.aau.dk clearly indicating the name of the contribution, author and affiliation. Authors of accepted papers will have an opportunity to present at the conference.


  • August 15, 2018: Extended abstract (up to 1.5 pages)
  • September 3, 2018: Notification on acceptance of abstracts
  • October 15, 2018: Full paper (maximum 12 pages)
  • November 1, 2018: Notification of acceptance of papers

If extended abstracts are being accepted they are guaranteed presentation at the conference when a full paper is delivered. All full paper contributions will be reviewed. All accepted papers will be published in the CMI Conference Repository. At least one author of a paper should register to have the paper presented at the conference.


Fees for participants:

  • Industrial and governmental representatives €300
  • Academics and professors €150
  • Students €50 (fee does not include lunch)

The conference is supported by Digital Innovation Network (DIGINNO).


The Conference is organized by Center for Communication, Media and Information Technologies.

Website: http://www.cmi.aau.dk



Heikki Hämmäinen
Torben Aarberg
Reet Reismaa
Erik Bohlin
Soffie Verbrugge
William Melody
Jørgen Abild Andersen
Dimitris Varoutas
Gleb Radchenko
Mogens Kühn Pedersen
Jas Porras
Ruta Satrovaite
Niels Koefoed
Reijo Tuokko
Håvard Kvernelv
Knud Erik Skouby
Anders Henten
Morten Falch
Reza Tadayoni
Iwona Windekilde
Doris Pold
Reijo Tuokko
Wolter Lemstra
Josef Noll
Jan Markendal
Andrej Sozykin
Sergei V. Andryushin
Carmen Mas Machuca
Klaus David


Prof. Knud Erik SKOUBY Aalborg University Copenhagen, Denmark, skouby@cmi.aau.dk
Prof. Anders HENTEN Aalborg University Copenhagen, Danmark, henten@cmi.aau.dk
Assoc. Prof. Reza TADAYONI Aalborg University Copenhagen, Denmark, reza@cmi.aau.dk
Post-doc Idongesit WILLIAMS Aalborg University Copenhagen, Denmark, idong@es.aau.dk